Cultured is Leesburg's first taste of real frozen yogurt.

Using South Mountain Creamery's rich and creamy, plain yogurt as the foundation, we blend just the right balance of sweet and tart to leave your taste buds tingling. Cultured is cultured. Because we do not start from a mix, your yogurt contains live, active cultures that provide the benefits of probiotics.

Our main product is naturally tart, plain frozen yogurt, but look out for special flavors throughout the season (April - October). We offer a variety of toppings, from fresh fruit to granola or brownie crumbles, so we are certain you will find that irresistible combination.

Located at 216 Loudoun Street SE, the start of downtown Leesburg, we're a quick walk from many local restaurants and shops. As we are affiliated with Mom's Apple Pie (and located at one end of their bakery), we like to experiment with their delicious goods as topping options. Most of our fresh fruit comes from Lost Corner Farm, Mom's farm counterpart.

For the colder seasons of Fall and Winter, Cultured will offer soups for sale through the Mom's Apple Pie bakery shop in Leesburg! Same hearty, delicious, gourmet soup as always-- just not from the window. (Fear not die-hard yogurt fans, frozen yogurt will still be available in hard-packed quarts to take home.)

For more info on what is happening at Cultured, please check the 'What's New?' section of our site. If you have questions or topping requests, don't hesitate to contact us!

Thanks for getting Cultured.